Welcome to the Carpatina dolls blog.

Welcome to the Carpatina dolls blog.

July 25, 2014

Rowena, the Legendary Celtic Princess Adventure #1

Rowena is one of the most beloved princesses in all of Ireland, the Emerald Isle.  Everyone in the kingdom knows Rowena: when she rides past on her trusty steed, Heremon the Horse, Rowena’s flaming red hair flies in the breeze and everyone is struck by her beauty and her elegant clothes.

She often wears her favorite dress: it is green brocade and is decorated with the famous celtic knot pattern in gold.  She’s a smart dresser: she even wears golden shoes that match the golden celtic knots!

She lives with her parents, the king and queen of an area where a lake sits in the center of a wide green valley.  Their castle sits high atop a rocky hill on a slope along the side of the valley.  The lake is surrounded by forests and there is a small village next to the lake just below the castle.

Rowena is not only famous for her beauty and her elegant clothes: she is also an incredibly talented hunter!  Her father taught her from an early age how to use her bow and arrow.

Why is this so important?  One reason is that there are many wild beasts lurking in the forests like wolves and wild boars.  Rowena must always be careful as she rides through the forest.  She is never afraid because she is a very brave princess and she has learned to shoot her arrows with unbelievable accuracy.

Rowena is not only brave: she is also extremely kind-hearted.  There is a very famous story about Rowena.  This story has been told many times, and all of the children in the kingdom know it by heart.

One day, Rowena was riding down from the castle.  She was going into the village to buy some new fabric to have another dress made. 

As she rode through the forest she heard someone crying for help.  She rode as fast as she could towards the sound and what did she see?

It was a young child on the path through the forest.  The child was surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves!  Their teeth were bared and they were getting ready to pounce!

Rowena was a skilled rider and talented hunter.  She was able to pull an arrow out of her quiver and shoot it at one of the wolves while she was still riding Heremon!

She was able to scare away all of the wolves and save the child.  Then she pulled the child up so the two of them could ride on Heremon.  She took the child into the village: the parents were so happy to have their lost child returned safely to them.

This is just one of many stories about Rowena, the famous princess from the mysterious Celtic world of medieval times: Rowena the beautiful, the brave, and the kind-hearted.  Many parents tell their children “Rowena Stories” so that they too will be inspired to be kind and brave. 

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