Welcome to the Carpatina dolls blog.

Welcome to the Carpatina dolls blog.

January 25, 2014

Rowena Doll

Rowena Doll - History
(introduced 2012)
Lady Rowena stepped onto the castle parapet into the night air. After a long day of being courted by Richard de Bracy, she was weary. Tall, lean, and dark, he was a handsome sight. And yes, a union between Irish princess and English lord made political sense. So said her head. But what said her heart?

Below her outside the castle, Rowena heard voices draw near.

“Richard, I saw no room for hope today. The maid will not be wooed. We should be off to other hunting grounds.”

And then a familiar voice—though with a new warmth. “Shall I tell you what I saw today? Into the hall danced a flame. Hair the color of autumn, eyes a blaze of blue. A vision clothed in a tapestry web. Then Lady Rowena spoke and I knew where I would be tomorrow. And the day after. As long as it takes.”

The voices faded. In the hammering of her heart, Rowena heard the answer she would give Richard de Bracy on the morrow.

More About Rowena
Slim-bodied and made of high-quality vinyl, Rowena stands 18” tall. Her hair is designed for easy care and restyling. With open-close eyes and movable arms and legs, she’s perfect for displays or play.
Rowena is available for purchase at carpatina.com

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January 03, 2014