Welcome to the Carpatina dolls blog.

Welcome to the Carpatina dolls blog.

July 30, 2014


Magical forests, fairy kingdoms and fantasy lands.
Those worlds of beauty, where legends and myths are everyday but never common
things, always entranced Isabella.
Now, thanks to a wondrous jewel bequeathed to her by a great-aunt, she
is able to actually journey into those realms.
Like her cousins Julia and Emma, Isabella must only wish the
world into being to make it real.
Memories of those experiences linger in Isabella’s dreamy blue eyes and gentle smile.
The sun of a fairy summer has silvered her long blonde hair and brought a pink
blush to her cheeks. Her clothing is elegant simplicity.
She wears a flowing blue silken dress, dotted with lace daisies, and blue, ribbon-trimmed shoes.
As Isabella has discovered, a secret world of magic often lies behind quiet beauty.

Isabella was released in 2001 and retired in 2011

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