Welcome to the Carpatina dolls blog.

Welcome to the Carpatina dolls blog.

June 17, 2011

Emma's Story

Guinevere, Queen Elizabeth, Maid Marion, Juliet. Emma is fascinated by these famous women of history and legends. With wit, bravery, compassion and beauty, they commanded extraordinary love and loyalty.

Emma is able to step into the shoes of the woman she admires thanks to a magical jewel—a gift from her great-aunt. Like her cousins, Julia and Isabella, she now explores the worlds she once only read about.

Emma’s impetuous spirit and great determination sparkle in her vibrant green eyes. With her glossy red hair and rosy complexion, she has a beauty that is as distinctive and timeless as any of her heroines. Emma’s crepe dress, in soft green and adorned with roses, is classically graceful. Like the women of legends, she lends a royal bearing to whatever gown—and role—she wears.

Emma doll was retired in 2010.
Some outfits from her collection are still available at Carpatina Dolls

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  1. Only just discovered Carpatina dolls, how I wish I had an Emma!